Teaching Method

 Dany and Lucia regularly teach in the Bucharest school Fabrica de Tango www.fabricadetango.ro

They are invited for workshops & shows in various countries: Germany, Belgium, Estonia, Israel,  Bulgaria, etc, mostly to run classes of milonga, Flaco Dany’s specialty.

Their teaching method  is a combination of 2 styles, which complete each other very beneficially  for the student. On one hand,  FOCUS ON NATURALNESS and intuitive movement, given by over 60 years of Dany’s dancing, on the other hand, FOCUS ON PRECISE TECHNIQUE, body posture and movement consciousness, developed by Lucia

“J’ai adoré suivre les cours de Lucia et Dany. Leurs conseilles sont très précieux, et ils sont surtout très disponibles et généreux dans leur enseignement. Vraiment merci pour ces bons moments. Les leçons ont passées trop vite… vivement que vous revenez dans le coin, à bientôt j’espère.” (Laurie Grenu – Belgium)

“If we talk about milonga the first name that comes is El Flaco Dany! The passion and energy he has for this dance can really inspire everybody to learn milonga!
We’ve had the honor to welcome in Tango & Pepper Studio / Sofia, Bulgaria / El Flaco Dany & Lucia Mirzan two times. We found them really radiant, with a great sense of humour, ready to give you everything for milonga.
Flaco Dany and Lucia are great teachers and wonderful people. It was a real pleasure to have them in Sofia!” (Vera Tinkova, Tango&Pepper Studio, Sofia)

“The classes are very funny and very good. Dany would say: walk like on the street, relaxed, and elegant. Lucia would say: shoulders down, torso up, bottom in, head up, you embrace your best friend. And then Dany would tell a funny thing from a milonga 40 years ago. It’s not only steps, it’s a story” (Leo Sultanescu, Romania)

Examples of classes they teach and conferences Dany runs:

Exceptional conference on history of tango & milonga dance ( FREE ENTRANCE)
Milonga – How to convey and receive the fast movement (AL)
Milonga – lisa & con traspie – different types of traspie (Int/Adv)
Milonga – Musicality, rhythm, cadence ( AL)
Milonga – Slow vs. Fast – change of dynamics (Int/Adv)
Milonga – Composition of the dance & adornos(Int/Adv)
Tango – Caminatas – structures & improvisation tools (AL)
Tango – Complex Figures in Close Embrace ( Int/Adv)
Milonga – Giros, Contragiros in milongas. ( Int/Adv)
Special candombe seminar ( Int/Adv)


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